Two   Kids    With  A   Dream!

Two  Kids with a Dream


Danielle and Eddy are DnEFactor! A Web Based show that is an up close and personal interview format. We will showcase Rockstars, Atheletes to everyday regular people. We first wanted to do a TV show and found out that was not very doable. After seeing Justin Biebers documentary we realized that NO was not an answer so we went back to the drawing board. Solution.. a web show. August of 2011 was our first interview with Kenton from Kilbear park, then Phil X our 1st rockstar and Rebecca Carrigan, Author and up and coming movie producer! We have no fancy cameras or programs! We have a dream and hope you enjoy our journey!

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  • "These kids were amazing, very professional for such a young age. They are doing great things and are sure to go far with their positive outlook and their love for helping and sp..."
    Rebecca Carrigan
    Director/Author of All I Need The Trilogy Series

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