Two   Kids    With  A   Dream!

Two  Kids with a Dream

DnEFactor is announced!!!! Nov., 2012

After one year of the EddyAndDanielle show, we have now moved on to create the DnEFactor. It is going to be fantastic. We are so excited about our change and looking forward to the next year. Just us, Danielle and Eddy, with a camera bringing you some awesome interviews!! Thanks for being part of the DnEFactor!


(March 2013)

The only words you need to remember is "yes I can" recently we were at the Special Hockey International tournament. Special Hockey allows the developmentally challenged to achieve their own goals on their own schedule. There are no age groups and no tryouts. They don't even need to be able to skate. All they need is desire which each of them have. Most will learn how to skate, how to hold a stick, how to handle a puck, how to make a pass, how to take a shot, how to make a save. Some may learn by the end of their first season, others may take years. Every player participate at every practice and at every game and they do not have to meet anyone else's expectations,just their own! We LOVE the game of hockey and soon we realized these incredible stars step on the ice for same reason we do - to play Canada's favourity game - hockey. These hard working athelets showed us you can do anything you want to and NO is not acceptable and yes I can  are the three most important words to say!  Be sure to check out our video

Take the #30 Day of Happiness With DnEfactor - Keep Smiling!!

(Jan 13, 2013)

We wanted to start 2013 with some fun! Recently we watched Jim Moss of Smile Epidemic on Province Wide. We were so motivated by his story of how the Smile Epidemic started.  Their mission is to create "The Happiest Community on Earth!  Now more people are smiling because of Jim Moss!! 

You can check out his website at We are now taking the #30 Day of Happiness challenge and ask you to join us! It is simple , every day for the next 30 days, track what you are smiling about and take a photo. If you have Twitter we are asking you to help with our challenge but posting your photo and post why you are smiling!! You can also post your photos to Smile Epidemic directly!! Please RT us in your tweet and invite your twitter followers to join the challenge!! Lets show how smiling  is catchy! DnEFactor will posting our photos and making a video diary - please send us one of your photos for our video - see our contact page and we will send you link for uploading!!  Hopefully in 30 days we are all seeing the world as a happier place!

Phil X - Aug 2011

Phil X was at Guitar World in August 2011 to do  an outdoor show as a fundraiser. Phil is a top L.A. session guitarist. He has worked with such artists as Rob Zombie, Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavaigne and Tommy Lee. Last year Phil toured with Bon Jovi for 13 shows. Thanks To Phil X for doing our 1st interview of a rock star!!!!!!

I Was A GreenHouse | Fall of 2012

Things have busy for both Danielle and Eddy. The fall usually seems busy!! We are both working on an incredible project a feature film I Was A Greenhouse, written and directed by Adrian Konstant. Eddy is  playing Christopher, son of Duece a  man that can live forever and wants to die, meets a family that's dying and wants to live. Danielle is a set assistant and has been doing the clapper board. A great experience!! Follow their journey.


YTV WOW East | Julez & Chuck - Aug 2012

we stopped by the YTV WOW EAST unit and chatted with Julez and Chuck.. if you saw the YTV WOW unit this summer leave a comment and tell us how it was.. it is trailer of fun with the best games - Beyblades!! subscribe to our channel for more videos and follow us at Eddy and Danielle.

Be sure to check out video page  for some cool vidoes - love to see your comments!!!! Sign up and become a member on our site, you can post photos and vidoes as welI.

If you want to be on our Web show at  DnEFactor besure to go  to our contact tab and send us a message.

Eddy & Danielle


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